Women embarrassed to talk about decreased sex drive and vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a plague among women over age 50 but it doesn’t have to be.   Moisturizers are being touted but even they don’t address the underlying problem of vaginal dryness. [Daily Mail UK Oct 3, 2016]

But there is an underlying cause – diminished estrogen production and lack of omega-6 GLA oils in the diet.  Dryness in the skin, mouth, eyes, hair, vaginal tissue and (brittle) nails.

Remedies abound.  Estrogen replacement should be considered. [WebMD]

Omega-6 GLA oils from borage, evening primrose or black currant seed address the dryness commonly experienced by women as they produce less estrogen. [Scandinavian Journal Rheumatology 2002]  Supplemental vitamin A for natural production of lubricating mucin should also be considered.

Being overweight was also a concern since it affected women’s confidence being naked in front of their husbands.  That is something that a no added-sugar/low carbohydrate (no bread, no pasta, no cereal) diet addresses. [European Review Medical Pharmacological Sciences July 2016]

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