Women awarded $70 million for talcum powdered-induced ovarian cancer

The 63-year old woman had been using talcum powder from the age of 15 and its application to her genital area is said to have caused ovarian cancer.  Attorneys took up her cause and won an outrageous suit that will be contested by Johnson & Johnson, maker of the product. [US News Oct 28, 2016]  A recent analysis shows douching and not use of talc increases the risk for ovarian cancer. [Epidemiology Nov 2016]  A large long-term study did not find use of talc is associated with ovarian cancer. [Journal National Cancer Institute Sept 10, 2016]  Another similar study found only a modest increase in the risk for ovarian cancer attributed to talcum powder use. [Cancer Prevention Research Aug 2013]  An earlier study found no association between talc and ovarian cancer. [Cancer Causes & Control Oct 2012] Talc-induced ovarian tumors that emanated from particles of talc were demonstrated in 1973.  [Postgraduate Medical Journal 1973]

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