With A Family History Of Cancer Should You Undergo Screenings Throughout Life?

Your father or mother died of cancer. Does that mean you must subject yourself to a lifetime of cancer screening tests to accomplish what? There is no cure, but there is treatment, for cancer. You are presuming treatment equates with a cure?

Earlier detection of colon cancer via colonoscopy helps catch tumors at an earlier stage, but patients are still dying on the same calendar day. You have about a 1 in 10,000 chance of benefiting from a colonoscopy. [LewRockwell.com]

Cancer survival for lung, pancreatic and colon cancer are ~2 years regardless of treatment. Prevention is the best approach, but what to do? Well, to start, no tobacco, no heavy drinking, reduce red meat intake, get some sunshine vitamin D, stay lean and trim, and cut the added sugars out of your diet.

Cancers are detected today using a MRI scan where radioactive sugar is injected and it goes right to the site of the tumor to feed it. Why oncologists don’t recommend their patients back away from refined sugar goes unexplained.

A recent report says you CAN do something about cancer. It is not inevitably programmed into your DNA. A recent study estimates about 82 percent of women and 78 percent of men diagnosed with lung cancer might have side-stepped their malignancy via healthier lifestyles. But that is obvious. Smoking was probably the primary cause. However, about 29 percent of women and 20 percent of men might have prevented colon and rectal cancer. About 30 percent of both might have averted pancreatic cancer. [JAMA Oncology May 19, 2016]

Only about 4% of breast cancer was preventable. Though I take issue with this. Sugar consumption, in particular fructose from corn syrup, greatly increases the risk for breast cancer. [MD Anderson Cancer Center] Americans now consume an average of 52 teaspoons of added sugars daily. [EcoWatch] This is nothing new. In 1983 nutritional researchers David Horrobin and Stephen Seely noted that mammary tumors may regress in the absence of sugar. [Medical Hypotheses 1983] Oncologists don’t seem to care.

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