What’s A Vote For Hillary Clinton Mean In The Health Arena?

Hillary Clinton, that soul mate and former 1st lady of President Bill Clinton, is accepting political contributions from her self-proclaimed enemies – health insurance and drug companies. Big Pharma has bundled multi-million donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. [Free Beacon] It’s predicted Clinton will continue to protect high drug prices. [Philly.com]

There are no reports of donations from healthcare industries to the Trump campaign and “the Donald” has fired his first shot at the industry with a short statement about replacing Obamacare: “will replace it with private plans, health savings accounts, & allow purchasing across state lines. Maximum choice & freedom for consumer.”

The Trump Network made a lame attempt to sell preventive medicine in the form of custom-made multivitamins @$69.95/month in a network marketing program linked to urine tests to determine nutrient needs. Trump eventually sold that company but it may signal he is not to be bought off by Big Pharma and may help derail the current Department of Justice criminalization of dietary supplement companies.

If only the public could see through Affordable Healthcare Act, that it was fascist move to mandate those who didn’t buy health insurance to buy it. Young workers now have to buy health insurance or face penalties, are low utilizers of health care (so premiums are pure profit for the insurers), will have high deductibles (any health care bills will have to come out-of-pocket) and still have to contribute to future health care via FICA paycheck deductions for Medicare. Why did the public go for this?

One answer is that a lot of low-income families applied for Obamacare and found they were eligible for Medicaid, a move that actually negated bringing down the cost of healthcare. Over 16 million more Americans enrolled in Medicaid than projected (this is buying votes with public money) while those who enrolled in private health insurance exchanges were 12 million less than expected. [US News] Under the Affordable Care Act insurance premiums are expected to rise by 6% per year (ouch!).

Another answer of the public’s reticent approval of the Affordable Care Act is that many uninsured feel they now have something they were previously deprived of, that only higher income families could afford. But healthcare insurance does not equate with being healthy, it only pays the bills. And Americans aren’t getting any healthier, despite reports mortality rates are dropping [Science Daily June 29, 2016], chronic disease and obesity, the money-makers for doctors and drug companies, are still on the rise. [Huffington Post June 13, 2016]

With 35% of the population now considered obese we have a unique phenomenon known as over-calorie malnutrition.

The public wants doctoring, not able to see the difference between delivered care and delivered health.

An interesting recent study asked patients if they were satisfied with their treatment (a medicine injected directly into the eyes) for macular degeneration, a progressive blinding eye disease of retirees. Patients based their satisfaction on how often the doctor saw them rather than on improved vision. They felt more cared for. Presumably, if the treatment worked and vision improved and they didn’t need to see the doctor as often, they would be less satisfied. [Patient Preferences Adherence May 26. 2016] How does society bring down health care costs when patients want more doctoring?

It’s obvious the marketing department for health insurance companies is now in Washington DC. The public is oblivious to the crony capitalism because the controlled news media won’t report it. (When you are forced to buy, government morphs from cronyism into a form of fascism.) Via government subsidies, insurance premiums are even being partially paid for by government. Why advertise when the federal government is going to make it a law you have to buy, and then pay part of the bill?

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