Vitamin D Deficiency linked to sleep disorders

A 2012 study showed supplemental vitamin C helped patients with nervous system problems and abnormal sleep patterns achieve more normal sleep.  The effect was only achieved within a narrow range of vitamin D blood levels (60-80 nanograms/milliliter).  Given that sleep cycles are governed by day/night periods and vitamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin, it is not surprising that vitamin D deficiency perturbs sleep.

A current update on this topic is very intriguing.  Curious readers may want to listen to meurological researcher Stasha Gominak MD talk about vitamin D deficiency and sleeplessness, especially sleep deprived individuals who C-PAP masks.  [] Dr. Gominak claims sleep apnea is a disorder of epidemic proportion in developed countries.  The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are the same symptoms for sleep apnea.

Dr. Gominak links a prolonged vitamin D deficiency with an altered intestinal environment.  B vitamins are normally produced by a healthy microbiome in the intestines.  Supplemental vitamin D + B vitamins often normalize sleep.

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