The vaccination rate of young girls for human papilloma virus, that may or may not prevent cervical cancer decades later, has declined to just 1% in Japan.

So far, the HPV vaccine has not saved a single life since it will take decades before most women reach the age where cervical cancer rates rise and the effectiveness of the vaccine can be evaluated.  The vaccine does not protect against all strains of the virus, so its effectiveness is questionable.  A slew of side effects experienced in Japan has resulted in a backlash against the vaccine.  Girls report convulsions, seizures, severe headaches, and partial paralysis.  Some 64 litigants have filed against vaccine makers there, making attorneys the strongest arm of the anti-vaccine movement there.  In Japan, approximately 3.38 million girls were vaccinated, and 2584 have complained of health problems.  [MedScape July 20, 2016]

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