The struggle to find a way to reverse Alzheimer’s mental decline is complicated

Researchers at UCLA Department of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging threw the best-known natural molecules in combination therapy at the disease.  Molecules like resveratrol, vitamin D3 combined with whey protein and DHA-rich omega-3 fish oil.  The subjects treated were not lab animals. They were patients with mild or more symptomatic mental decline.

This nutrient combo worked better in certain APOE genetic groups.  The APOE gene is the only gene associated with later-in-life onset (after age 60) Alzheimer’s disease.  The inheritable risk for late onset brain disease is 60-80%, but gene makeup and environmental factors equally contribute to the onset, progression and severity of the disease.  There are variants of APOE gene.  The most common variant (E3/E3) is found in about 60% of the human population.  [GB HealthWatch]  However, genetic testing is not likely going to predict this disease. [MedScape Feb 21, 2015]

Overall, results suggest omega-3 fish oil + antioxidants (resveratrol) were associated with stabilization or improvements for as long as 3 years in a certain genetic group (ApoE e3/e3).  An expanded study should reveal more about the reliability of this approach. [FASEB Journal Oct 2016]

The fact more than 200 clinical trials involving drugs to allay or reverse the disease have been conducted, there is still no convincing therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, which suggest this small study be expanded to determine more reliably how many out of 10 patients will benefit.

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