The science of happiness. Happy you, healthy me?

Known for a long time.  [Science Daily Sept 26, 2016]  It works both ways.  Having a happy spouse affects the other half’s health, so says a recent study of 2000 couples. [Daily Mail UK Sept 26, 2016; Health Psychology Sept 19, 2016]

But is happiness the goal in life?  This writer was thinking the happiest places may be where people smoke pot.  But a study shows regular cannabis users have lower levels of motivation, higher levels of mental depression and are less satisfied with life. [Substance Abuse Treatment Prevention Policy 2007]

Maybe try chocolate as a mood elevator. [Appetite Sept 15, 2016]  Chocolate sweetened with stevia, a natural non-caloric sweetener, is available. []  At $4 a bar, that makes it pricier than some antidepressant drugs.

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