The misdirection of modern medicine continues

Here’s the news headline: “Have mammograms been oversold? Study claims breast cancer screenings more often detect harmless tumors than real warning signs”

The latest review says women are more likely to be diagnosed with small breast tumors that are unlikely to grow and threaten life.  [Daily Mail UK Oct 12, 2016; New England Journal Medicine Oct 2016]  But never to mind, I’ve covered this topic before.  Women would rather have piece of mind and have their breasts cut off than to live with doubt.

And what about men with elevated PSA counts?  Men who either underwent surgical removal of their prostate, underwent radiation treatment of their prostate, or men who did nothing but “watchful waiting,” live equally as long with no difference between treatments.  [New England Journal Medicine Oct 19, 2016]  But, but prostate cancer detection is the only cash-cow urologists have.  Stop the train, I want to get off now.

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