The blood-brain barrier and autism

The recent revelation that passage of bacteria and viruses through the blood-brain barrier among older adults may result in Alzheimer’s disease and that antibiotics served to halt the disease in the animal lab should cause an immediate reappraisal of the use of vaccines in cases of autism.

Behavioral autistic flare-ups in children have been linked to a leaky blood-brain barrier. [Epiphanyasd Blog]  The connection between disruption of the blood-brain barrier and brain disease has been well documented for over a decade. [Pharmacological Reviews 2005]

Of alarming interest is the fact pharmacologists add blood-brain barrier disrupting agents (adjuvants like aluminum and polysorbate) to aid the passage of pharmaceuticals into the brain.  Examination of two deaths among young women who underwent HPV vaccination reveals HPV antibodies in the brain of both subjects, which initially triggered mental confusion, amnesia, dizziness, vomiting and then death.  The vaccine (the human papilloma virus) does not need to enter the brain to produce immunity.  So why is polysorbate added? Polysobate is a component also found in pneumonia, rotavirus and flu vaccines.  (Vaccine Choice Canada]

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