The terrible torment of alcoholism: searching for a way to relax from stress, alcohol goes from controlled behavior to chemical dependence. There is a way out.

We are a country of people given to take stimulants like caffeine in coffee and tea to relaxants like alcohol.  Alcohol helps relieve stress.  It targets the GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) cell receptor.  We become more talkative.  But the second glass of wine or beer and we begin to slur words.  Reaction time slows which impairs driving.  We’ve now lost control and the third glass begins to bring on slumber and finally a drunken stupor and we awaken to a throbbing hangover.

Oh, the public embarrassment of being hauled out of your car to walk a straight painted line on the roadway and then get arrested for a DUI with photos at the jailhouse and all.

But you are the pastor at a large church trying to bring people out of the crutch of alcoholism to a faith in God.  Suddenly, you are the drunk.  A church in South Carolina recently had to publicly remove a pastor who couldn’t overcome his drinking problem.  Nobody was there to lead him out of his chemical dependency.  I contacted the church to say there is a way out.  They replied, God would provide.  I tried to explain, all the therapists and prayer warriors would be of little help.  “The spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak.”  Those brain neurons are searching for alcohol to target the GABA cell receptor.

There is a simple and cheap way out of this chemical dependency: molecularly block the GABA receptor.  Researchers at UCLA tested various molecules and found one that magnanimously blocked the GABA receptor.  [Journal Neuroscience Jan 4, 2012]

It worked so well, a person could drink and drive home safely, but they couldn’t advertise that.  And no hangover!  That would be a drinker’s dream.  But over time, this natural molecule that blocks the GABA receptor takes away the desire to drink.  Wine and beer suddenly don’t taste the same.

This author has given this secret away to many who are hiding their dependency on alcohol.  The Asian raisin tree provides the molecule that cures alcoholism.  I’m not sure it replaces Alcoholics Anonymous Ten-Step program, but it does halt the desire to drink.  Stops it cold.  Sadly, even the best rehab clinics have no knowledge of it.  The manufacturer can’t make any claims beyond it protects the liver.  []

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