Staggering scale of lung tuberculosis in India

Of the 10.4 million estimated TB patients in the world, 3.6 million are in India.  A curable infectious disease with a cocktail of antibiotics, it is obvious that treatment alone does not halt the threat of TB.  Roughly a half million East Indians died of TB last year, about a quarter of all the 1.8 million deaths worldwide. [NY Times Oct 13, 2016]

With the problem of antibiotic resistance growing among patients being treated for TB, there is evidence that tuberculosis is extraordinarily sensitive to killing by vitamin C. [Nature Communications 2013] Germ resistance is non-existent with vitamin therapy.  Nutrients other than vitamin C in food may also reduce TB rates. [American Journal Epidemiology 1999]  Yet vitamin therapy is not mentioned whatsoever in public health plans to control this disease.

Tulsi (holy basil), India’s “aspirin,” is active against TB. [Journal Ayurveda Integrative Medicine Oct 2014]  But still TB is so rampant.  The trace mineral zinc is required to clear the tuberculosis bacilli in human via T-cell priming and eradication. [Frontiers Microbiology March 2016] Vitamin A is a companion to zinc in the eradication of TB.  [Kuwait Medical Journal Sept 2012]  Soils in India are known to be zinc deficient. [ India]  Foods should be fortified in India with zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C and probably vitamin D (India geographically is near the equator and provides sufficient sunshine for natural vitamin D production in the skin).  The drug and vaccination model of health maintenance is not serving India very well.

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