Shaken Baby Syndrome: If Only Doctors Knew About Vitamin C

The majority of doctors believe Shaken Baby Syndrome is a genuine diagnosis caused by abusive head trauma.  [Eureka Alert July 21, 2016; Daily Mail UK July 21, 2016]  If only doctors know a vitamin C deficiency results in weak blood capillaries and can mimic head trauma. [Pediatrics International Dec 2004]  Just look at all the active cases where innocent parents are being prosecuted for shaken baby syndrome. [WNDU-TV July 22, 2016; KSBW-TV July 15, 2016; Daily News July 18, 2016; Journal Gazette-Times Courier July 14, 2016]  A controversial film shows it is impossible for parents to inflict enough force to cause brain injuries. [560KPQ Radio]  Vaccines + vitamin C deficiency are also implicated in shaken baby syndrome. [Medical Hypotheses 2004]  These cases are frequently reported in impoverished families that have poor diets.

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