Scientists reverse the menopause by ‘rejuvenating’ women’s ovaries.

A medical team in Greece says they have stimulated tissue regeneration with platelet-rich blood plasma that enables menopausal women to release eggs and re-start their periods. Prior studies also suggest women who took estrogen replacement pills within six years of the menopause were less likely to suffer blocked arteries, a problem which can cause heart attacks and strokes. [New Scientist July 20, 2016]

Women who go through menopause early (before age 45) are 50 per cent more likely to suffer coronary heart disease, 11 per cent more likely to die as a result of a heart attack, and 12 per cent more likely to die early from any cause says a recent report.  Estrogen hormones play a role in protecting the heart, the report says.  The provision of estrogen reduced arterial plaque. [Daily Mail UK Sept 14, 2016]

Later natural menopause is actually an anti-aging strategy. [Obstetrics Gynecology Clinics North America Sept 2011] Menstruation is akin to blood letting which limits the accumulation of iron in the body (the blood stores iron).  The loss of iron control with the onset of menstruation is demonstrably observed in women with iron-overload disease (hemochromatosis). [Celtic Curse]  A rise in iron storage levels (ferritin) with the onset of menopause is associated with arterial disease. [British Journal Nutrition Oct 14, 2015]  Iron depletion is a strategy to protect against heart disease and premature aging. [Recent Progress Medicine 2007]

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