Scientific disconnect: researchers want to know why some older people have excellent memory while others don’t. But we already know why.

It has been said we should study health, not disease.  Why do some people seem to be ageless?  In this instance, news headlines focused on a published report of senior Americans in their 8th and 9th decades of life with excellent memory and recall.  News reports said researchers “Can’t wait to find out just how that is possible.”

A one report said: “Researchers found that certain areas of their brains, particularly those involved in learning and memory, were similar in size to those of young people.

‘We were surprised to learn that the super agers had brains with areas important for memory that did not show the typical shrinkage seen in most older adults,’ said a lead researcher. ‘Some of these areas were not just in between the size of young and typical older adults but were actually the same size of young adults in their 20s’.”  [Huffington Post Sept 14, 2016; Journal Neuroscience Sept 14, 2016]

The answer as to why some seniors memory and recall remain intact has previously been answered by researchers who point to fish oil and vitamin B12 as critical nutrients need to halt brain shrinkage and mental decline with advancing age. [Neurology Sept 2008; Nutrients Dec 2013; Alzheimer’s Dementia Feb 2015; Neurology Feb 4, 2014]  The researchers who recently reported they are searching for reasons why the human brain doesn’t shrink with advancing age appear to be in need of fish oil and B12 supplements themselves.

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