Red meat, dairy, associated with increased risk for death

The above headline is not surprising for readers of this blog.  This writer has continually educated his reading audience to the fact humans progressively “rust” and “calcify” with advancing age and foods that are rich in iron and calcium accelerate aging.  [Science Daily Aug 1, 2016; JAMA Internal Medicine Aug 2016] However, researchers miss the point.  A recent report points to animal protein, not the highly absorbable (heme) iron in in meat, as the culprit in accelerated aging.  Vegans will be delighted at the results of this study. However, vegans just suffer the same fate, iron and calcium overload, a little later in life.

A vegetarian diet provides ~1500 milligrams of IP6 phytate, a mineral controlling molecule that decalcifies and chelates (key-layts) or binds to iron and facilitates the excretion of excess amounts of these two minerals. [Bone April 2010; Frontiers Bioscience May 2008] (IP6 does not remove calcium from bone or iron from red blood cells.)  A carnivorous diet provides half as much IP6, ~750 mg per day, a western processed food diet only ~250 mg/day.  [Molecular Nutrition Food Research Sept 2009; Knowledge of Health]  This also helps explain why the American diet breeds diabesity.  [Biochimie 2013]

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