Probiotics prevent diabetes. Now what?

Researchers have convincingly demonstrated imbalanced gut bacteria leads to insulin resistance (inability to utilize insulin, thus resulting in high blood sugar levels). This discovery has profound application in the prevention of diabetes.

Two types of gut bacteria among hundreds (Prevotella copri and Bacteroides vulgatus) were found to be the main drivers of the gut bacterial biosynthesis of amino acids (branch chain amino acids) that induce insulin resistance.  Feeding mice the prevotella bacteria for 3 weeks induced insulin resistance and diabetes whereas other untreated mice did not develop the same disease. [Nature July 13, 2016]  Earlier reported studies had led to this recent discovery. [PLoS ONE Feb 2010]

Discoveries are coming so fast these days, it is difficult to ascertain how fast they can be implemented, if at all, into the daily practice of medicine, particularly when there may be no insurance billing code for the therapy yet.

Probiotics fall under the classification of dietary supplements except when they prevent, treat or cure a disease.  Making probiotics drugs would increase their cost considerably.  Furthermore, the same probiotic is likely to have broad application for a number of diseases.

Probiotics have been a long time coming.  Gut bacteria has been overlooked by modern medicine for far too long.

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