Physicians May Be Last To Conclude It’s Your Thyroid Gland Is The Trouble

As an article published at says: “Feeling depressed? Cheer up or take antidepressants. Fatigued? Get some rest or drink some coffee. Feeling cold? Get a sweater or move to Florida. Feeling hot? Take off some clothes. Gaining weight? Stop eating and start exercising. Nervous, anxious or irritable? Relax, meditate, have a drink or watch some reality shows. Or maybe stop watching reality shows.”  Only after all that advice is received are you likely to discover you have thyroid abnormalities.  Misdiagnosis of thyroid trouble is common.  The ordeal of actress Zoe Saldana is described in the report.  [ July 23, 2016]

Only recently has the origin of thyroiditis been linked with abnormal gut bacteria. [Journal Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents April 2015] Furthermore, the consumption of supplemental thyroxine may not be effective in normalizing thyroid hormone levels due to prevalent infection with H. pylori bacterium that impairs secretion of stomach acid. [Helicobacter April 2011; World Journal Gastroenterology Aug 2014]  Poor absorption due to the use of lactose-based thyroid medications may also be a problem. [Endokrynogia Poland 2012] Coffee also blocks absorption of thyroxine.  [Thyroid March 2008]  So do alkaline minerals impair the absorption of thyroxine. [Thyroid Oct 2001]

Use of digestive enzymes and/or supplemental acid may correct the malabsorption of thyroid hormone. [Thyroid Pharmacist]

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