Multifocal lens implants after cataract surgery, or “monovision”?

After the cloudy focusing lens is surgically removed in cataract surgery, the eye cannot focus properly without a substitute lens.  Decades ago cataract patients had to rely on thick spectacle lenses that blew-up objects 30% larger than their true size.  Today a plastic lens is implanted in place of the surgically removed cloudy lens (cataract).  As miraculous and reliable as these lens implants have become, they are set for near or far vision, not both.  New multifocal lens implants are 65-90% effective at reducing need for spectacles following surgery.  But they have visual drawbacks – glare, shadows, halos, difficulty reading in dim light.

However, there is an alternative — monovision.  Your eye surgeon can set the focus point for one eye for near (reading) and the other for distant vision.  Patients learn to use one eye for reading, the other is used for driving.  You can read about this option.  [Medscape March 19, 2015]

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