Miracle Mineral Solutions Condemned; But Is It Rooted In Long-Standing Science?

ABC News 20/20 program has aired a story about Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), a product marketed by the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing.  [ABC News Oct 27, 2016]

The sad story of a woman who died from drinking this “medicine” is published online. [Daily Mail UK Oct 28, 2016]  But that death occurred in 2009.

Wikipedia describes MMS as a “toxic solution of sodium chlorite (bleach) in distilled water.”  It is marketed as a cure for many diseases.  [Wikipedia]  The product is either top rated or condemned by users at Amazon.  Some users rave while other reject MMS. [Amazon.com]

MMS is a known killer of pathogenic bacteria.  But so is Clorox.  A warning about MMS was issued by the FDA in 2010. [FDA.gov]

But wait.  There is science behind the primary ingredient in this product.  In 2010 researchers demonstrated very low dose hypochlorous acid actually activates internal cellular antioxidant defenses via a gene transcription factor called Nrf2.  [Toxicology Applied Pharmacology July 1, 2009]  The idea that a low-dose toxin may activate antioxidant defenses in the body is called hormesis.

It appears Miracle Mineral Solutions origins date back to 1998 when a drug known as WF10 was used among patients with advanced AIDS.  A study showed 10 of 10 AIDS patients developed infection versus only 3 of 10 using WF10. [Infection 1998]

WF10 is described as a novel drug that activates germ-killing white blood cells called macrophages. [Pathobiology 1999]  WF10 is said to produce “profound changes in macrophage function and activation” and is being used experimentally to treat prostate cancer, autoimmune disease and hepatitis C.  [Current Opinion Investigative Drugs March 2002]  WF10 also activates natural killer cells, another protective white blood cell. [Journal Biomedical Biotechnology 2011]

WF10 has been demonstrated to successfully treat diabetic foot ulcers and prevent amputations among diabetics. [Journal Wound Care March 2013]  Recently a published report extolled intravenously administered WF10 for its ability to inhibit release of hemoglobin from red blood cells. [Free Radical Research Oct 24, 2016]

WF10 is described as a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and bleach that “enhances resistance to infections.”  WF10 was selling for $1200-1600 at the time. [Treatment Update Sept 1998]  A report published in a European journal describes WF10 as a “chlorite-based drug … that can be safely administered to humans.”  [Drug Research 2001]

So WF10 could have been adopted by modern medicine and utilized to quell a number of human maladies but has largely been kept in the research closet for at least 18 years.  WF10 was priced over $1000 as an experimental drug when it was nothing more than a cheap form of bleach.  A couple of opportunistic entrepreneurs with no medical training apparently seized upon this hidden and underutilized cure and made a business out of it.  It appears these cheap bleach products were overdosed by users and resulted in serious side effects.  The product is still selling at Amazon.

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