Medical applications of hydrogen gas

Researchers in Japan describe the therapeutic role of hydrogen gas.  Hydrogen gas plays an important role in human health.  They note that the product produces its own hydrogen gas intestinally.  When hepatitis (liver inflammation) is experimentally induced in laboratory mice and the intestinal bacteria that produce hydrogen are eliminated, the drug-induced hepatitis is exacerbated.

Hydrogen gas can be consumed orally, intravenously or as a topical agent.  Hydrogen-rich drinking water has recently been commercialized.  Hydrogen water has been demonstrated to produce health benefits.  Hydrogen-rich water is demonstrated to improve glucose tolerance among diabetics.

Hydrogen is a licensed food additive in Japan.

Lactulose, a synthetic sugar often used to treat constipation, enhances bacterially fermented hydrogen intestinally and can be used therapeutically.  [Acta Medica Okayama 2016]

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