Low-calorie sweetener horror story

What researchers now say: “there is a striking congruence between results from animal research and a number of large-scale, long-term observational studies in humans, in finding significantly increased weight gain, adiposity, incidence of obesity, cardio-metabolic risk, and even total mortality among individuals with chronic, daily exposure to low-calorie sweeteners – and these results are troubling.”

The reason why they are saying this: non-caloric sweeteners disconnect the link between sweetness and metabolic consequences.

The consequences of chronic low-calorie sweeteners are: increased food consumption, post-meall thermogenesis, increased weight gain, greater percent body fat, and significantly greater fasting glucose, compared with animals exposed to plain water or – in many cases – even to calorically-sweetened foods or liquids. [Physiology & Behavior April 26, 2016]

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