Know someone who can’t read? They might be helped by nutritional supplements

Can you imagine – 32 million Americans can’t read.  How does that happen?  About 14% of Americans are illiterate and 21% read below a 5th grade level.  About 19% of high-school graduates can’t read, which sounds impossible by definition. [Huffington Post Dec 12, 2014]  About 70% of inmates in America’s prisons can’t read above a 4th grad levels [Begin To Read]  About 40 million Americans are dyslexic – that is, they have difficulty visualizing reading materials.   Only 2 million know they are dyslexic. [Austin Learning Solutions]  Reliance upon the spoken rather than the written word for information may explain why radio broadcasts remain popular in an age of computers and cell phones.

A biochemical explanation for dyslexia is provided by recognition that a double-nutrient deficiency (zinc, vitamin B6) is induced by a condition called pyroluria.   []

Who knows how many illiterates have pyroluria?  But it seems that provision of zinc and vitamin B6 could be helpful among those who offer reading instruction to dyslexic children and adults.

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