Just In Case You Missed This

Uh, mission control, we have a problem. A newly published analysis, actually a review of hidden data that went unpublished for over three decades (the Sydney Diet Heart Study 1966-1973), reveals that all-cause and coronary artery disease death was higher among a group of middle-aged men who consumed unsaturated fats (like safflower and corn oil) compared to a group with no dietary intervention.

Another trial hidden in the closet (The Minnesota Coronary Experiment, 1968-1973) compared a group whose diet was supplemented with corn oil and margarine and achieved lower circulating cholesterol numbers (-13.8%). However, this cholesterol reduction increased mortality! When all the numbers were crunched the corn oil (omega-6) diet was simply ineffective. It is clear, unsaturated fats lower cholesterol, but unsaturated fats are highly vulnerable to oxidation (spoilage). [Nature Reviews Cardiology 2016] Now remember those ads for margarine on TV – “You can’t believe it’s not butter.” They still keep running those ads. [YouTube]

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