Is the rate of aggressive mortal prostate cancer on the rise?

Well, it is if you count the hard numbers.

Doctors examined the records of 767,550 men with prostate cancer diagnosed from 2004 to 2013. Using the number of cases of metastatic (spreading) disease in 2004 (1,685) and 2013 (2,890), they report an alarming increase of 72 percent.

But over that decade many millions more men entered the pool of at-risk subjects because of the bulge in the population of aged males.  What is needed, say critics of that report, is the rate per 100,000 men over a certain time period like 5 years.

Nothing like frightening men into more useless PSA tests and biopsies. [New York Times, July 21, 2016]

Which reminds me to make readers aware we are said to be living in the “age of information,” or the digital age, or computer age.  In reality, we are living in the age of misinformation.  Whether it is politics, money or healthcare, 90% of the information we receive from news media is controlled by just six media companies. [Secrets of the Fed]  Social media has added to the problem with media outlets tailoring news according to everyone’s preconceptions, ushering in an era where everyone has their own facts. [The Guardian UK July 12, 2016]  Does the truth matter any more?

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