Immoral medicine

Almost every day at this health blog there is a posting that involves immorality in medicine, profiteering over curing, rigging dependence on doctoring rather than self-care.  Two alarming revelations now are in the news headlines:

  1. The sugar industry paid off Harvard researchers to publish papers in the 1960s that pointed to high-fat diets rather than sugar as primary dietary health hazards. [Daily Mail UK Sept 12, 2016; New York Times Sept 13, 2016; JAMA Internal Medicine Sept 12, 2016]
  2. Reuters news reports US hospitals are under-reporting “superbug” antibiotic-resistant infections that caused deaths in order to avoid legal liability.  The primary treatment resistant germ is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.  Hospitals are listing other causes of death on death certificates.  Readers can delve into this horror story with its biting stories of families who struggled with this monster infection till their loved ones died. [Reuters]

There are seemingly endless examples of greed and immorality in modern medicine.

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