HPV (human papilloma virus) Vaccine Questioned

In response to an editorial entitled “HPV vaccines work, so why aren’t doctors recommending them?” posted at Medscape, the doctors portal for medical information, optometrist James Tatum posts this reply (abridged):

“If we vaccinate a 100,000 white girls now, and they are not already infected, we might prevent 5 cases of cervical cancer and 9.5 cases of other HPV-related cancers in 20-40 years, if the vaccine protection doesn’t wear off before another exposure …Merck promises at least 4.5 years of protection. In reality, boosters will be required to maintain protection and adverse reactions will probably increase with subsequent doses.

The attempt to prevent those cancers can be expected to cost 5800 serious adverse events and new cases of autoimmunity, based on Merck’s own numbers. A serious adverse event is a reaction to a medical product resulting in death, permanent impairment or disability, hospitalization or ER visit with life threatening problem…. HPV related cancers in black women most frequently involve different viral subtypes (than the vaccine antibodies for), something that has been completely ignored when recommending this vaccine for all teenagers. [Medscape]

That is why doctors don’t aggressively push this vaccine on young girls.

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