How To Get Yourself In Trouble Taking Dietary Supplements (This year’s CASIMIR FUNK AWARD)

Well, The tongue-in-cheek Darwin Awards are for members of humanity who have given their lives to improve the species. [Darwin Awards] Well, in a similar vein, in the world of dietary supplements, Casimir Funk (1884-1967), considered the father of vitamin therapy, should be enshrined by the FUNK AWARDS for the dietary supplement user who most reminds us the user can always foul up the best vitamin pill.

This year’s FUNK AWARD goes to a 43-year old man who appeared to be searching for improved brain performance and greater absorption of nutrients. The psychotic subject had a 6-month history of auditory and visual hallucinations. He developed paranoia. He was not an alcoholic nor did he use recreational drugs – just dietary supplements, five of them. Upon discontinuation of the dietary supplements his symptoms dissipated. [Primary Care Companion CNS Disorders Jan 14, 2016] Lesson: stick with essential nutrients first (lettered vitamins, essential minerals and trace minerals) and essential oils (omega-3 & 6 oils), before you go venturing into using exotic herbal products.

Here is the list of his supplements: a brain support formula (ginseng, ginger, grape powder, papaya powder, blueberry powder, Ginkgo); a brain “awake” formula (vitamins B6, B12, folate, carnitine, bacopa, Holy basil, L-theanine, tea extract, lemon balm, rosemary extract, Bioperine black pepper extract, ginger and medium chain triglyceride oil); a probiotic formula (6 different strains of bacteria); a weight control formula (Garcinia gamboa, green coffee bean, raspberry ketones, chromium); and a absorption aid (various enzymes + ginger, cayenne pepper, and trace minerals).

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