Health officials issue warnings about West Nile Virus. But what is the public supposed to do about it?

The bulletin published in he Los Angeles Times warns the public about West Nile Virus, which can be deadly.  [LA Times Sept 9, 2016] Protection from mosquitoes by use of insect repellant is suggested, but who knows when mosquitoes are on the prowl when one steps outdoors?  The fact is, most people who have West Nile Virus transmitted via mosquitoes experience mild symptoms and never knew they were infected.  [Current Tropical Medicine Reports March 2016] It is people who are immune compromised who develop encephalitis and are subject to mortal consequences.  In the LA Times report, two men were reported to have died due to WNV.  Both were elderly.  It is likely they were smokers or alcoholics, which affect the immune system. While there is no specific treatment for this virus, there is prevention in the form of nutrients that boost immunity – namely vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc.  Selenium has been underscored as an excellent preventive against viruses such as WNV.  [Advances Nutrition Jan 15, 2015]

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