Half glass of alcohol linked to 7 types of cancer

But the above headline does not apply to wine which contains a broad array of polyphenolic molecules such as resveratrol, quercetin, ferulic acid, catechin, gallic acid, that have anti-cancer properties.

The alarming part of that news headline is only a half glass of booze modestly increases the risk for cancer.  However, reckless journalists indicted wine, which is not hard liquor or beer. [Daily Mail UK July 22, 2016; Addiction July 21, 2016]

Alcohol is estimated to have caused a half million cases of cancer since 2012.  There is no safe level of alcohol according to this study.  Moderate wine consumption does not appear to increase the risk for cancer overall. [Nutrients July 2012; Drugs Experimental Clinical Research 2003; European Journal Cancer Prevention Jan 2012]  Alcohol-free wine is considered to be protective from cancer. [Pharmacological Research June 2012] The wine industry deserves a retraction and an apology.

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