Got any of these symptoms?

  • You have recurrent diarrhea of unknown origin.
  • You can’t get to sleep.
  • You have abdominal cramps.
  • If female, you may have accompanying growths outside of your uterus (endometriosis).
  • You experience food allergies and are believed to have leaky gut (undigested proteins entering your blood circulation).
  • You lose your appetite.
  • You experience weight loss.
  • Anal itching is another hallmark sign.  If you have children, watch if they scratch their butt often.

You don’t connect the dots that these are all related.  What have you got?

A few more hints: School-age kids get this more often than thought.  You may also develop appendicitis. [Annals Italian Chirurgia Feb 2015]

Your painful gut may cause your doctor to think you have Crohn’s disease. [American Journal Case Reports Oct 16, 2015]

Some doctors may even think you have cervical cancer. [Journal Natural Science Biology & Medicine July-Dec 2015]

You may have a parasitic infection known commonly as pinworms.

It is possible pinworms can be self detected by application of transparent adhesive tape to the anal area immediately after awakening in the morning before a bowel movement or cleansing removes pinworm eggs.   A magnifying glass will be needed to see the white-colored worms that are about the size of a staple.  The eggs are transparent and so they are difficult to spot.

Be aware, the eggs may get under a person’s fingernails as they scratch the anal area.  By hand transfer they can get into your eyes and ears.  Since pinworms leave the intestines through the anus and deposit eggs around the anus, this causes nighttime anal itching.  A female pinworm will lay 10,000 to 15,000 eggs. []

A stool sample submitted to a laboratory is a more reliable way to detect this parasite but samples taken at different times of the day may be needed for conclusive diagnosis.

Wash bedding frequently.

Frequent bowel movements flush the pinworms out.  Diatomaceous earth is lethal to these microscopic parasites. Crushed garlic cloves (not garlic pills) should be taken orally and the garlic paste also applied to the anal area (maybe with gloved hands) and this needs to be done three times a day for 3 weeks.  There is over-the-counter medicine (Reese’s Pinworm Medicine) or prescription mebendazole (MBZ aka Emverm, Vermox).

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