Giving children antibiotics increases their risk for Type 1 diabetes

When all evidence is uncovered, we will look back at this era of medicine and wonder why we submitted to all the vaccines, antibiotics and liver-toxic statin drugs and took them dutifully.   Modern medicine has simply been trading one disease for another with its synthetic drug approach.

How many children have been given antibiotics only to later develop Type 1 (childhood onset) diabetes is unknown but about 15,000 kids in the U.S. experience destruction of their pancreas and become totally dependent upon insulin injections.  Add another 15,000 adults to that number.

The striking discovery is that antibiotics destroy beneficial bacteria in the gut and therefore give rise to Type 1 diabetes.  This discovery took place in the animal lab.  Younger animals, particularly males, were more vulnerable to the problem.  A sharp rise in Type 1 diabetes over the past 20 years among children has been accompanied by overuse of antibiotics.  Asthma, obesity and allergies are also linked to antibiotic use.  [Daily Mail Aug 22, 2016; Nature Microbiology Aug 22, 2016]

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