Gender differences

We see a completely divided demographic when it comes to Presidential elections.  Females, programmed by their  hormones to be nurturers, basically want government to care for people, particularly the downtrodden.  They want to see an empathetic quality in a Presidential candidate.  Blocking entry of poor immigrants into the country may be unsettling for many women.  By virtue of this overly simplistic characterization of women, females are socialist, not capitalist.  They look for security rather than risk for gain.  If women solely voted for President today, America would have its first female President, regardless of her past or present baggage.

I imagine, if women had a popular vote on whether mammograms should be performed, their vote would be yes because surveys show women, despite evidence that mammograms do not help prevent breast cancer and sometimes give false diagnoses that leads to needless treatment (mastectomies), opt for treatment because they want peace of mind.

Switzerland just halted mammograms.  It did this despite 7 of ten Swiss women believing mammography screening lessens the risk of death (it doesn’t).  [Collective Evolution]

American women aren’t hearing about the downside of mammography in strong enough language.  Women are being preyed upon by the medical care industry.  Do women know what is best for them?  Sometimes maybe not when issues like this are seen through the lens of fear and need for security.  Will the mammogram conveyor belt ever be stopped?  Not if women have anything to do with it.  Despite all of the recent science saying mammography does more harm than good, there has actually been an increase in mammograms since the passage of Obamacare. [Chicago Tribune Sept 21, 2016]

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