The French have a large anti-vaccine movement

Over 95% of children in the US are vaccinated despite frequent criticism from anti-vaxxers.  A worldwide survey of public sentiment for or against vaccines shows 41% of people in France who disagree vaccines are safe.  Compare that to 3% in Ecuador, 2% in the Philippines and 1% in Argentina. 

It’s not that there is no unease about onerous vaccination schedules.  A recent survey showed 26% of parents expressed concerns over vaccines causing autism; 44% were concerned over multiple injections during a single visit to the doctor’s office; 13% were concerned about vaccine safety. [Physics Today Sept 7, 2016]

Between January of 2008 and December of 2011 there were 22,686 reported cases of the measles in France. [VOX Sept 9, 2016] All that means is that instead of acquiring immunity from vaccines many people in France chose natural exposure.  How dare they?

The bigger issue is to ensure children consume adequate nutrients to help reduce side effects (example: hearing loss) from a bout of measles.  In fact, measles vaccine can induce hearing loss in children because it is the same virus. [Vaccine Feb 26, 2008]  Antibiotics can also induce hearing loss while antioxidants can prevent antibiotic-induced hearing loss. [Journal Laryngology Otology May 2016]

The Centers for Disease Control is giving a thumbs down on nasally instilled (needle-less) flu vaccination becauase a major study showed it was ineffective.  [NBC News Sept 6, 2016]  But FluMist was approved by the FDA over a dozen years ago.  What happened in the interim is that FluMist vaccine changed from three to four strains of the flu it provided immunity.  Of course, why did the FluMist vaccine change but that it wasn’t effective in the first place.   Health authorities had three years of data showing FluMist was ineffective but only took action this year. [NPR Aug 15, 2016]

Nasally instilled live flu virus can shed to others.  One study showed 79% of young children shed a flu virus after live attenuated nasal flu vaccination. [Vaccine June 2011] 

Quadrivalent (4 strains of the flu) FluMist is reported to cause sore throat, fever, runny nose in a significant number of children and adults.  [FluMist]

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