Flesh eating bacterial infection

Legs and arms amputated.  Flesh-eating bacterial infections are a horror story.  Photographic images of the disease are grotesque.   The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom has figured out the horrific photographs of this disease eating away human skin attracts readers.  [Daily Mail UK June 28, 2016, Daily Mail UK July 21, 2016; Daily Mail June 7, 2016]  Some victims lose all four limbs. [Daily Mail UK  April 27, 2016]  Various bacteria cause this life-threatening infection.

While treatment is often effective, reducing mortality, literally nothing is done to remedy what appears to be a compromised immune system brought on by diabetes, alcoholism, HIV infection or cancer. [BMC Research Notes 2014]

Victims should be provided immune-boosting nutrients, particularly zinc, vitamins A, C and D, vitamin B1 thiamin.  Modern medicine ignores the nutritional origins of this dreadful infection.

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