Double the cinnamon

Cinnamon added to the diet has gained popularity in recent times for its ability to help regulate insulin.  Those cinnamon-aholics may benefit in another way, at least if you can translate what happens in the animal lab to the human experience. [PLoS One March 2014]

Researchers have found cinnamon improves learning and poor-learning mice.  Lab animals navigated a maze test in 60 seconds instead of 150.

Cinnamon didn’t work directly to improve learning.  Cinnamon generates sodium benzoate as it is broken down in the body, a synthetically available food preservative.  Sodium benzoate enters the brain and works on the brain’s memory center (hippocampus).  [Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News July 22, 2016; Journal Neuroimmune Pharmacology June 24, 2016]

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