Does Cancer Chemotherapy Ever Cure?

“The ability of cancer cells to evade the effects of chemotherapeutics is one of the most pressing major dilemmas in cancer therapy” says a recent report. [Cancer Cell International 2015]

Another report says:

A common observation in oncology is the phenomenon that a patient with a tumor receives a drug and responds very well, but after a few months the cancer comes back and is now resistant to previously administered chemotherapy. [Science Daily Dec 2, 2013]

Another:  “Hypoxic (oxygen deprived) cancer cells are less likely to accumulate therapeutic concentrations of chemotherapy drugs that can lead to treatment resistance.” [Bioessays July 2016]

Yet another: The high mortality in pancreatic cancer patients is partly due to resistance to chemotherapy. We describe that human pancreatic cancer cells acquire drug resistance by a novel mechanism in which they expel and remove chemotherapeutic drugs from the microenvironment.” [Oncotarget July 4, 2016]

Flustered by resistance to therapy, oncologists then increase the radiation or combine two ineffective chemotherapy drugs to overcome treatment resistance.

While resistance to cancer chemotherapy has several causes, small molecules called polyphenols appear to address most of them. [Nutrition Cancer Aug-Sept 2016]  The red wine molecule resveratrol exerts profound action to abolish treatment resistance. [Oncology Reports July 11, 2016]

Will we ever see any of the natural molecules used alongside cancer chemotherapy?

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