Scientists demonstrate DNA protective properties of lifespan-doubling calorie-restricted diets in real time

Using fluorescent green snippets of body fat cells researchers have been able to demonstrate the DNA-protective properties of a limited-calorie diet in fruit flies.  Aging in living cells is delayed considerably when a calorie-restricted diet is employed.  [Daily Mail UK Sept 13, 2016; Proceedings National Academy Science Sept 2016]  ]  A reverse transciptase inhibitor (3TC, aka lamivudine, brand name Zeffix & Epivir) used in the treatment of HIV infection, reversed the aging process and protected against DNA breakdown. [AIDS 1992]  In a lab dish quercetin and resveratrol, a molecule found in red wine, are potent natural reverse transcriptase inhibitor. [European Journal Biochemistry July 5, 1990; AIDS Jan 28, 2014]

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