Dead birds in Dorcester, Massachusetts: Spraying for ZIKA virus?

Without explanation birds literally fell dead out of the sky near Boston.  [] Could the cause be spraying for ZIKA virus with insecticides?  Mosquitoes harbor the ZIKA virus and facilitate its transmission.  The dangers of insecticides are well known. [Dr.]  Aerial spraying of the insecticide being used to kill off mosquitoes that transmit ZIKA virus has already linked to the die off of millions of honey bees.  According to one news report, the insecticide being used is highly toxic to birds. [Free Thought Project]  The National Wildlife Federation warns of threats to birds and other wildlife exposed to the insecticides being used in the anti-Zika virus campaign. []  The Centers of Disease Control tactfully says “when spraying is done correctly, it does not harm to birds of other animals.” []  The news media is either brain dead or afraid of reprimands from government health agencies in charge of the spraying.

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