Children in developed countries dying of scurvy

A diabetic teenager in Canada died of scurvy says his doctor.  The boy’s parents are on trial for neglect and murder.  {Huffington Post June 9, 2016]

Another boy, age 8, in England, also died of scurvy that was missed by medical personnel.  [Cambrian News UK Sept 20, 2016]

Rhode Island Public Radio reports that cases of scurvy linked to poor diets have been cropping up throughout New England. [ Aug 4, 2016]

In July of this year a toddler was transferred to the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in grave condition.  The boy began limping and had speech delay.  He was a picky eater, not unusual for his age.  After x-rays and CT scans and blood tests, doctors didn’t have a clue to what ailed this child.  Bleeding gums, a hallmark sign of scurvy, were overlooked.  Doctors tested for heavy metal poisoning.  Nothing.

Finally a blood test revealed the child’s vitamin C level was 0.1 milligrams per deciliter of blood (low end of normal is 0.6 mg).  The child had been on a diet consisting of graham crackers and chocolate milk.  [Washington Post July 25, 2016; New England Journal Medicine April 7, 2016]

God knows how much money was spent searching for what was a simple vitamin deficiency.  Had that chocolate milk been Nestle’s NESQUICK, which is vitamin fortified, the child and parent might have been spared the ordeal.

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