Cannabis use increases risk for schizophrenia

Smoking tobacco has long been known to increase the risk for mental problems including schizophrenia. [American Journal Psychiatry Aug 1986; Neuropharmacology March 2012]  Now a study reveas cannabis (marijuana) increases the risk for schizophrenia by 5.2 times (520%).  Compare that to amphetamines (1.24 times) and hallucinogenic drugs (1.9 times). [Daily Mail UK Oct 20, 2016]

Smokers and schizophrenics have lower levels of vitamin C.  [American Journal Clinical Nutrition Nov 2009 19675108; Annals NY Academy Science May 1993 8512259; Biological Psychiatry Dec 1990] Vitamin C is useful in the treatment of schizophrenia. [International Journal Neuroscience Jan 1993; Psychopharmacology Nov 2005 16133138]

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