Cancer Hospital Advertising

These are billboard advertisements for CITY OF HOPE:

Colon Canswer
City of Hope

We Live To Cure Cancer
City of Hope
800 826-HOPE

As Reuters news agency reports, cancer hospital advertising has tripled since 2005.  Even though there are virtually no new cures (except immunotherapy for leukemia and lymphoma), cancer hospital advertising often plays on fears and alleged superiority of technology or doctor training.  Essentially, this is private oncologists vs. cancer hospitals.  About 20 cancer hospitals do most of the advertising.  It must work of they would continue posting their ads on highway billboards.  [Reuters July 11, 2016]  According to one recent report, 9 of 10 cancer center ads use “emotional fluff” to attract patients with little mention of success rates or cost. [JAMA Internal Medicine Jul 11, 2016]

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