Bottled water or tap?

While there is an effort to get Americans to ditch bottled water for tap water  [Food & Water Watch]  a Harvard University study reveals millions of Americans drink water that is contaminated.  [Daily Mail UK Aug 10, 2016; US News; Environmental Science & Technology Letters]  Why 20% of water systems in the U.S. are tainted with lead at levels of 15 parts per billion that is above the safe limit.  [Washington Post March 17,2016]  Lifetime use of chlorinated tap water also increases the risk for colon cancer. [Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers Prevention 2000] Do you still want to stick with chlorinated/fluoridated tap water?  Why it’s even been shown that fluoride in tap water never reaches saliva levels to prevent dental caries. [Journal Environment Public Health 2013]  And was the rational to fluoridate tap water to prevent dental decay just a cover for population control? [Journal Toxicology Environmental Health 1994]

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