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Ascorbic acid does not reduce the anticancer effect of radiotherapy

Lo and behold, after continued and prolonged precautions over the use of oral antioxidants during cancer treatment that counter the pro-oxidant (cell killing) effects of radiation treatment, researchers in Japan found a high concentration of vitamin C (>75 umol) actually induced the death of cancer cells and enhanced the cell killing effect of radiotherapy. The researchers suggest further study and say there is no harm done when vitamin C therapy is simultaneously administered with radiation treatment.  See abstract below:

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Death By Modern Medicine: Acid Blockers

The problem is common.  Stomach acid rises up into the esophagus to cause a burning sensation that worsens when you lay down to go to sleep.  The initial heartburn problem is complicated now by sleep interruption or deprivation.   The desperate sufferer visits the doctor who mindlessly prescribes a powerful acid blocker called a proton pump inhibitor (Prilosec) that completely shuts down acid secretion.  Problem solved.  But now you are hooked on lifetime acid blockers that are designed to cause temporary rebound heartburn the moment one attempts to wean away from this drug.

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Don’t Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It’s Raining – Judge Judy

I’m writing about modern medicine in context of the false claim that America offers the best medical care anywhere in the world. You may have your head in the sand on this topic and believe what may have existed in the distant past. The USA ranks 37th in quality of healthcare in the world. [The Patient Factor] Even the long-standing annual decline in the US death rate came to an end in 2015. [New York Times, June 1, 2016]

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Immunotherapy + greed

The New York Times reports on an emerging new cancer drug that is being co-developed by the US government and a private pharmaceutical company.  The cancer treatment is a form of immunotherapy called CAR-T where T cells are activated to fight cancer.  The new cancer therapy, a one-time treatment, is expetect to cost $200,000 per patient.  The stock price for the company developing the CAR-T therapy is said to be $50/share with no product yet.  Government is sharing the costs, and then will pay via Medicare for the treatment, and the pharmaceutical company will kick back a small royalty.  The pharmaceutical company’s leadership can be characterized as a mix of greed, ego and charlatanism.  [New York Times Dec 19, 2016]  Sounds like Theranos all over again.

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