Blockage of enzyme restores memory to laboratory mice

Blockage of the Caspase-2 enzyme, identified as the culprit in the brain that impairs memory in Alzheimer’s disease, restores memory to laboratory mice.  This discovery follows 10 years of research.  [University Minnesota; Nature Medicine Oct 10, 2016]

Caspase-2 is a normally occurring enzyme involved in the controlled death (apoptosis) of living cells.  Activation of caspase-2 is considered an anticancer strategy. [Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 2013]  Inhibition of caspase-2 enzyme is required for the anti-cancer action of cancer drug doxorubicin (Adriamycin). [Molecular Biology 2008]  The blockage of caspase-2 may produce unwanted side effects and may not be a feasible or safe remedy for Alzheimer’s disease.

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