Big drop in prostate biopsies, surgical removal

Medscape reports a steep decline in the number of prostate gland biopsies and surgical removal of the prostate (prostatectomies) since 2012 when the US Preventive Services Task Force issued a thumbs down on PSA (prostate specific antigen) tests. [Medscape Nov 2, 2016]

One physician said some patients “may miss the window of curability”  as a result of rapid drop in prostate biopsies and surgeries.

What could this physician possibly be talking about.  If there were a cure then why do 40,000 men die of malignant prostate cancer every year?

Most men have slow growing prostate cancer or only pre-malignant cells in their prostate.

Some physicians say the decline in biopsies has led to an increase in the cancer mortality rate.  But PSA tests and biopsies only detect prostate cancer earlier which places the date of diagnosis earlier, it doesn’t add any more days to the life of the patients who are dying on the same calendar day.

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