Best way to curb obesity: add 20% tax to soda pop

The World Health Organization {WHO) says the best way to curb worldwide obesity is to make soda pop more costly.  WHO cites a 10% tax in Mexico resulted in a 6% drop in soda pop sales, not a significant difference however.  [Daily Mail UK]

Berkeley, California and Philadelphia have already adopted a soda tax and San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado will vote on similar taxes soon.  These are criticized as tax-and-grab taxes that simply add to a city’s coffers rather than combat obesity.  []  Some researchers believe such a tax may only produce a temporary decline in obesity until people find sugary substitutes. [PLoS One Sept 28, 2016]  Milk is considered the beverage consumers would opt for in lieu of soda pop.  Of interest: American dairy farmers just dumped 43 million gallons of milk in the first 8 months of this year in order to maintain profitability. [USA Today Oct 14, 2016]

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