BBC News Slams Unlicensed Cancer Cure. But is it all as it seems?

GcMAF is produced internally in the human body.  It is vitamin D binding protein with a sugar molecule knocked off.  It activates the human immune system to kill off cancer cells and it gained attention in 2010. [National Health Federation 2009]

Today gcMAF (gc protein macrophage activating factor) is being slammed as an unlicensed and overpriced cancer cure by BBC News.  [BBC News Oct 16, 2016]

Said to be “scientifically extremely dubious” by Cancer Research UK, the criticism is undeserved if for no other reason than it is the way the human body self-controls cancer.  It is backed by independent research.  [Best Practices Research Clinical Endodrinology Metabolism Oct 2015]

True, there are inconsistencies in the initial gcMAF research published by Nobuto Yamamoto. [Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy Dec 2014]

But a private European-based company, Immune Biotech, has documented shrinkage of tumor volume with GcMAF. [Anticancer Research July 2014]  GcMAF has also been shown to reduce a key enzyme (nagalase) associated with aggressive growth of tumors. [Oncoimmunology Aug 1, 2013]

If gcMAF is some sort of fraud, why did the Department of Defense sponsor a study on its ability to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells, which was accomplished independent activation of macrophages? [PLoS One Oct 18, 2010]

First Immune, the European-based company that is producing GcMAF commercially is hiding nothing.  First Immune has sponsored 31 research papers on the subject. [First Immune]  Goleic, the olive oil-based GcMAF product is meticulously produced and undergoes 9 tests, including two for sterility and three for activity and potency.  [Immunocentre]  Aside from a mild fever, there have been no side effects.  The cancer cell killing activity of GcMAF can be viewed online. [YouTube]

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