Are smokers aware there are 7000 chemicals in cigarettes?

What if the label on cigarette packages included all of the molecules found in their selected tobacco brand? It was recently revealed the list of chemicals in cigarettes is 7000 long. If smokers could see that list, what impact would it have on their desire to smoke? While most smokers are shocked to learn of this, it is unknown what impact that has on smoking rates. [Daily Mail July 11, 2016]

But what if you told smokers they are at far greater risk to develop lung cancer not because of habit-forming nicotine but because of those very chemicals? About 36.8% of Japanese men smoke tobacco (2008 figures) compared to 16.8% of American men.

But smokers in Japan are far less likely to develop lung cancer (6.3 times more likely than non-smokers) than U.S. male smokers (40.0 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers). The stated reason: the Japanese do not lace their cigarettes with all of those cancer-causing chemicals. [Very Well]

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