Are college students smart sexually?

Hey, in a world where morals mean nothing, one-night stands are now called hook-ups, and it’s OK for a young woman to seduce a man, we find data that reveals college students do stupid things when it comes to sex.

Only 15% of college students believe there is a high risk for unintended pregnancy without use of contraception.  Two thirds of college students inconsistently use contraceptive measures.  The result: 45% of all pregnancies in the US are unintended and 41% of those unintended pregnancies were due to inconsistent contraception.

Is a woman trying to coerce her reluctant mate to marry her by getting pregnant?  []  Does contraception ruin spontaneous love making?

Students with a low IQ when it comes to emergency contraception include (get this): men (well, that was predictable), students who have had more sexual partners in the past year (also predictable), students who use dating apps (don’t tell them that they have immoral thoughts doing this), students who attend single-sex colleges and students who play varsity sports.  Braun over brains.

Note that Ohio just passed a bill banning abortions from the moment a fetal heartbeat can be detected. [Teen Vogue]  Read the 1st person story of a young woman, driven by her need to change a man, who in the illusion of love missed her period, denied a positive pregnancy test till the second one was positive, then mulled over abortion with her boyfriend.  The young woman chose her career over having the baby put up for adoption.  She couldn’t face her family.  A confidential abortion had to happen.  She will now live with her secret.  The boyfriend is now history.  Every Mother’s Day this woman will wonder about the child she could have had.  And will this young woman even carve out a career?  She may just opt for marriage and become a stay-at-home mom.  And the reason for abortion would have been nullified.